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My way of teaching

Online learning is best because it gives you hand-on communication with a (native) speaker. In online lessons, the teacher can and will correct you as you speak and not take it personally if you make a mistake. In my lessons I let the student speak and, depending on your level, will correct only on major mistakes like, when you get the sentence completely wrong or consistently make a grammar mistake. At the beginning of our trial lesson, I will let you speak without correcting, but as the lesson progresses, I will correct a grammar mistake here and there. In the next lessons, I will then have general conversations with you and ask topical questions about just about anything. I will find out a lot about you in the trial lesson. What do you like? What are your interests and line of business? We will also sometimes work with worksheets to improve your vocabulary and grammar.

What are the options?

This would not be possible with conversations with just anyone. They will probably not understand you and not attempt to correct you.

Same with courses. Most students tell me they don’t speak enough. That’s why they take online lessons.

Apps are good for learning vocabulary and grammar. But it doesn’t substitute for speaking with a native speaker.

Joining Facebook groups to learn a language? – Come off it! You literally learn zilch from that! Some unqualified, non-native speaker posting “word beginning with A and ending with G” or “There is not a word beginning with Y” – hardly a good way to learn a language…

Languages are best learned by learning off apps. Going to Language courses. Learning off TV. Learning off reading newspaper articles and watching the news and YouTube videos. But if you want to practice your language skills, then online lessons are the best!

photo of girl watching through imac
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