You may have wondered, why I (forgot) to post yesterday. I was recording a couple of videos for my YouTube Channel Learn with Kat. I am recording 10 videos for beginners to introduce them to the basics of the German and English language. I think that will help a lot of people to, at least, learn the basics before they take lessons otherwise (or with me).

Excellent feedback

Today a student told me when she had to use her English whilst talking to a customer on the telephone. She came across a customer, which didn’t speak German but English and she was using her English to communicate with him, using the Words and phrases we practiced in our lessons earlier. She thanked me for the vocabulary and the confidence she got from that and that she felt like on cloud 9 that she had so confidently spoken to this person. That felt so good.

If you want to get more confident in speaking English or indeed German you can book a FREE trial lesson with me now HERE.

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